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14 Liter/Day Water Generator

The revolutionary ATMO System 14 is the most advanced countertop atmospheric water generator available with a unique multi-stage filtration system and the ability to produce all the Pure drinking water you and your family’s need.

• 14 Liters Storage Capacity
• Customize Cold Water Temperature
• Up to 4 Gallons of water per day
• 6-Stage Filtration Process
• Reverse Osmosis
• Alkaline Option

25 Liter/Day Water Generator


The State of the Art ATMO System 25 Stand Up Model Produces 6 Gallons of atmospheric water a day.

• Adjust Water to Boiling or Ice Cold
• Up to 6 Gallons a Day
• 12 Stage Filtration Process
• Reverse Osmosis
• UV Lights
• Alkaline Option
• Solar Power Option

30 Liter/Day Water Generator

Quick view $4,295.00

The ATMO System 31 uses a Panasonic Variable Compressor. The variable compressor is designed to work only when needed thereby saving electricity – the fixed compressor will cycle on and off on a predetermined fixed cycle. This control strategy leads to a reduction in the average speed of the compressor and fewer stops and starts.

• Hot and Cold Water
• Up to 8 Gallons or 30 Liters per Day
• 12 Stage Filtration Process
• Reverse Osmosis
• UV Lights
• Alkaline Option
• Solar Power Option
• New negatively charged hydrogen which increases cellular hydration in the body.
• ORP levels 600MV – 700MV
• 2.4 parts per million per Liter of hydrogen.

Do you want to have access to fresh water and pure water all year long? If you do, the simplest and most efficient way to go about it is with a modern air water filter system. Based in Honolulu, HI, Atmo Systems is the supplier of air water purification systems that will meet your demands. We supply our products to clients in the region, the surrounding areas, and all over the country.

Our Product

We are not a regular air water filter supplier. Our company offers the Atmo System which produces the purest drinking water you can get anywhere in the world. It is free of contaminants, beneficial for your health, and comprises of 99.99% H2O molecules. The system you get with us needs no external piping, requires minimal amounts of energy, utilizes the latest advancements of human ingenuity, and produces pure water that exceeds the EPA requirements by far. It will lower your utility bills and save you money on bottled water. Our water system produces hot and cold water for your added convenience.

What Is an Atmo System?

The Atmo System is a device that extracts water from ambient air, by condensing it, exposing it to desiccants, and pressurizing the air. Atmo Systems serve the functions of a dehumidifier, yet they are also designed to render the water drinkable. Their application is to supply pure drinking water, and that is especially useful for areas where such is difficult to obtain. Our air water purification systems produce 99.99% pure water. With us, you will quickly forget the plastic bottle waste, shipping, storing, and lifting water containers. All you have to do is plug your new system, and in a few hours, you will get the purest water you have ever tasted.

clean water

How Does It Work?

Our system filters and purifies water through many filters, including carbon, reverse osmosis, UV sterilization lights, and alkaline filters. It is a relatively new and state-of-the-art machine for extracting water through some of the most sophisticated and latest technology the human mind has produced. We have designed your system with the objective to produce the highest amount of drinking water with the minimum amount of electricity.

Additional Specifications

The water extraction and filtering machine completely depend on humidity levels of the air and its temperature in order to produce water. It reaches optimal performance at 40% humidity levels or above. Lower humidity levels still allow the machine to produce water, only not as fast. Our units are also suitable for air-conditioned rooms and can act as effective dehumidifiers. Our Atmo System can produce up to eight gallons of pure water per day, suitable for drinking and any other purpose you may have in mind.

The Benefits of Using an Atmo System

Regular tap water always contains trace amounts of carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals, agricultural pesticides and, pathogenic microorganisms. Although these do not exceed the EPA’s minimum levels, they are ever so present. Other filtration systems can never completely remove contaminants from the water but you can be one step ahead with our Atmo System. Seeing is believing, which is why we recommend that you visit the EWG National Drinking Water Quality Database to find out what does the tap water in your area contain!

If you are located in Honolulu, HI and you want to turn to a water filter supplier, we offer you the Atmo System. With Atmo Systems, you get the purest water on the planet. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial

by Latoya J. Miles on Atmo Systems
Keep the good work

I was looking to buy a high-end air water filter system and my brother told me to contact you. You understood the type of unit that I was looking for and a few days later, you called me to tell me that you had it. Great work guys and be sure to keep it up because I will be working with you from now on.

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