A Professional Water Filter Supplier Explains Some Of The Often Used Types

A liquid purification system is a well-balanced and fine-tuned instrument. It consists of several elements which work together to cleanse the liquid you use for drinking. Among the primary elements which form the heart of the system is the water filter.  Several types of filtration exist that use a high-quality water purification unit.

Activated carbon

Among the common types used in a filter system is activated carbon. This kind removes chlorine and reduces the number of organic contaminants. This helps to protect the next stage elements such as the reverse osmosis and ion exchange. Depending on the scale of the model this type can have the shape of a cartridge housing with granules. If the model is large scale it also comes with carbon block housings.


The next type used in high-quality models found in professional water filter supplier store is the softener. This helps to remove mineral deposits such as iron, manganese, and calcium. This helps to prevent scale formation of the reverse osmosis membrane.  An alternative to such softeners is antiscalant chemicals which special meters feed to the liquid.

Reverse osmosis

The primary element used by models found in water filter supplier stores is the reverse osmosis. This part of the system consists of a powerful motor and pump, an RO housing and a semipermeable membrane. The pump and motor help to create the pressure needed to reverse the natural osmosis. The housing contains the membrane and provided the flow paths needed for the process. The membrane is the element responsible for the removal of contaminants. For the task, a continuous stream of fluid is fed to the membrane which traps the particles.

There are several types of filtration used in a water purification system. These include the activated carbon which removes chlorine. The softener which reduces mineral deposits. And the reverse osmosis which serves as the heart of the system. If you would like to learn more, contact a professional water filter supplier such as Atmo Systems in Honolulu, HI.