What You Need to Know About Our Air Water Filter System

As a renowned distributor of water purification products in and around the Honolulu, HI area, we, at Atmo Systems, are sure to sell you a product that will perfectly match your expectations and meet your needs. On this page, you will learn what exactly our ATMO systems are and how they work so you know whether or not one of them will be beneficial to you or your business.


Advanced Technology

An air water filter system is an appliance that extracts water from the humid air. Unlike dehumidifiers, our products are specially designed to render the water potable. The appliance employs condensing technology which uses some of the latest water purification products available in the industry today. We have designed the unit with one objective in mind – to produce the maximum amount of drinking water while using only a minimum amount of electricity.


Unique Filtration Process

The things said above testify for our machine’s energy-efficiency and reliability. Once the water gets extracted from the air, it is then filtered and purified through several water filters including alkaline filters, carbon, UV sterilization lights, and reverse osmosis. All these make the air water filtration process unique for its time and give results that go beyond even the highest expectations.


Sufficient Amount of High-Quality Drinking Water

There is a lot of water in the atmosphere at any given time. The average humidity in your office or house is 50%. Sufficient water can be generated with humidity as low as 35% so when investing in an air water filter system, you do not have to worry if there is enough water in the air to get the results you desire.

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